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Support from professionals

Individual software:
Adapted to your needs

Always one step ahead of your competitors
Your benefits:
  • Software exactly according to your needs
  • Adaptation to the business processes of your company
  • Flexible and easily configurable applications
  • Modular design allows easy expansion
  • Agile Development Process - Continuous Improvement
  • Workflows can be changed without programming
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Two people are sitting at a table with two laptops and are just talking about sketches and notes on a sheet of paper.

IT architecture

Cross-system and cross-company
Capturing the core elements of a corporate structure is one of our core competencies!
  • ... create an current state analysis and derive a list of requirements for the IT architecture
  • ... together with key players, uncover defects in the structure and assess the potential for improvement
  • ... specify alternatives and their effects
  • ... create an architectural diagram
...implement your new IT architecture.

Legacy Transformation

Our specialty: the replacement of legacy systems
  • Software is essential for the success of your business
  • Old software costs your company money
  • Standard ERP solutions: Company adapts to new software
With an IT solution from, the software adapts to your company!
Your benefits:
  • Analysis and optimisation of your business processes
  • Addressing long overdue changes
  • Individually developed software - Together to the solution
  • Smooth transition from old to new!
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Consulting & Outsourcing

Assistance for big challenges
Your benefits:
  • Comprehensive software solutions as a full package
  • Support for projects in IT architecture, programming and database design
  • Guidance of experienced experts
  • Expand existing knowledge by our know-how and many years of experience
  • Assistance for those responsible for implementation
  • New approaches to solutions through an outside perspective


Are you looking for IT specialists?

Here you can find programming languages, frameworks, tools, etc. that we work with.
As a young, innovative company, we are constantly learning new things in order to be at the cutting edge of technology.
We regularly look at new tools and add them to our repertoire if they are deemed useful.


- Spring Framework
Picture of the inside of an HDD hard disk.


Microsoft SQL Server
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the communicator
Communication on point - Buzzz is your tool.
Independent knowledge and data exchange. Secure data in your own hands. Calendar and agenda functions.
Buzzz combines the most important aspects of online communication.

instant messaging

Lightning-fast communication
Simple & effective
Group and individual chats

voicechat & videoconference

Meetings like in the office
Video conferences
Meetings & rooms

calendar & schedule

Shared calendars
Appointment overview for any time
Integrated agenda

Data autonomy

Full self-determination over data
Data on own servers
Persistent data
GDPR compliance

Shared File Repository

Simply share files...
... and find them quickly
Central place to share documents


the secretary
The document management and workflow system of

Individually definable workflows

Versioning of documents and edits

User hierarchy ensures controlled editing

Fast and efficient handling of complex, internal workflows

Combination of document management and project management on BPMN 2.0 standard

Kevim 2.0

the party maker
Pineapple wearing sunglasses and a gold party hat.
Modular structure
Effective user management
Interface for direct sales
Planning and calculation of events
In Kevim, events are generated as entities that administer a network of participating persons and their tasks. Each person fulfils a role and has a current status. Roles are hierarchically structured and linked to the cost accounting of the respective event. Products from the warehouse can thus be moved and invoiced.

Kevim has a hierarchical user administration in which all persons assigned to events can independently check their own data and accounts. Due to the web-based interface, Kevim offers the highest possible compatibility with existing system worlds. The customer administration allows users to automatically contact participants via the system using e-mail.

Thanks to the modular structure of the software, extensions can be easily integrated. Therefore, Kevim can be optimally adapted to your needs.

Rather smart

the savvy one
Customer and employee management on the web

Rather Smart takes over the administration and recording of your customer data and organises the employees' working hours at the same time. The software forms a web-based interface between office, field service and HR in real time.

Travel planning, travel cash box, appointments, ... everything under control!

In addition, Rather Smart manages all sales, independently updates stock levels and creates automated invoices and statistics. Targets, performance reviews and call logs can also be efficiently recorded. Rather Smart can do exactly what you need in sales thanks to its modular structure.