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The company s2G.at
What does s2G.at offer me?

We offer IT solutions tailored to your requirements. We are specialised in identifying business processes at their core, detecting defects and mapping the processes into a software solution. Extensive individual software is our specialty, but we also offer standard products and smaller software solutions.

Where can I find s2G.at?

You can find us at our location in Linz as well as online. This is how you get to us.

How does s2G.at offer support in developing a project idea?

When you come to us with your idea, we sit down together with you and consider carefully where problems can occur, what can be solved better and what might still be missing. This way we make sure that we don't develop a solution that ends up fulfilling important requirements incorrectly or not at all.

Which technologies does s2G.at use?

We work mainly with Java and Javascript. On the back-end side, we use frameworks such as Spring, and in the front-end area, for example, React or vue.js. You can find more details about our competencies here.

Why are there no project references?

At the request of our clients, references are not advertised in written form on our website. If you are interested in our previous work, we will be happy to provide you with information in person. Call us or visit us in person.

Custom software
What is "individual software"?

Conventional software offers a standard solution for particular problems, defined by the developers. As soon as requirements deviate only minimally from the standard, the standard software solution can no longer be used properly. The result: the company or its business processes must adapt to the software. Individual software approaches this problem upside down: The software adapts to the company.

What does a custom software solution of s2G.at cost?

The nature of our work makes it impossible for us to give a flat price quote. Depending on the scope of the project, requirements and other factors, costs can vary greatly. If you have a software request, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to an initial discussion.

What services (e.g. software maintenance) does s2G.at offer after project completion?

We offer a range of post-project services. Under the collective term software maintenance, we offer you options for:

a. Maintaining and restoring the operational readiness of the software
b. Updating the software
c. Documentation of the work performed
d. Consulting
e. Periodic maintenance services such as software tests etc.

Project management
How does the handling of a project with s2G.at work?

We develop according to agile methods with the Scrum framework. This means that we work through a prioritised list of features - the "backlog" - in fixed, short periods of time - so-called "sprints". The Scrum process implies close, continuous cooperation with the customer. This ensures that the development does not "miss" the customer's requirements.

How am I as a customer involved in the development process?

Our agile way of working allows us to involve you in the development process entirely according to your wishes. You can participate directly in the Scrum process or limit yourself to regular status updates on the project's progress.

Are prototypes or demo versions developed that can be tested in advance?

Depending on your wishes, we will of course develop demo versions that you can test in advance. To a certain extent, this is also part of agile development using Scrum: an MVP - a "minimum viable product" - which can already be used and delivered is created at an early stage.

What is the motivation behind Buzzz?

Many existing communication solutions often do not offer all the desired functions or simply do not meet certain basic requirements. Especially with regard to data protection and data autonomy, there are weaknesses in most popular communication tools.
One of the main points of criticism: The data is stored on the provider's servers - which is sometimes even illegal according to GDPR - and users de facto have no control over it. Here we are at Buzzz's unique selling proposition - your data stays with you.
If you want to know more about Buzzz, read here. If you have other questions, contact us.

Why is Buzzz a web application?

We have specialised in web applications because they offer many advantages compared to desktop applications. They work on all devices that have a browser, no installation is necessary and the update and delivery process is much easier.

On which platforms is Buzzz available?

Web applications offer a significant advantage: they can be used on any device that has a modern browser without installation. This also applies to Buzzz.

Quality assurance
How does s2G.at ensure the quality of its products?

With ISO-9001, we have clearly defined our processes and are constantly developing them further. This ensures that all our products and processes are developed or carried out according to high quality standards. You can find our ISO certification here.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

Depending on the nature of your problem, you can contact us at any time via office@s2g.at. If your problem concerns a specific project, simply contact the assigned project manager. Your request is part of our defined complaints process and will be handled accordingly. You can therefore be sure that your concern will not fall by the wayside.

How does s2G.at protect my data?

Data protection is also strictly regulated by precise processes based on the GDPR. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us at any time.

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